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Novel Coronavirus – advice for patients

Update 23/03/2020 - We have updated information for patients regarding the coronavirus. Please visit the "Coronavirus Information" section of our website (on the right) for further information.  

Update 18/03/2020 - Acute Prescription Requests - We have now made the form available online. please click the link on the right hand side of this page for more information. 


Welcome to North Cardiff Medical Centre Online


North Cardiff medical Centre



Why is the surgery not operating normally?


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have had to suspend most routine appointments and cut back home visiting in order to reduce the contagion risks to patients, to manage the epidemic and in anticipation of being very short staffed due to doctors and nurses having the virus or self-isolating. Those self-isolating should follow the advice on the NHS direct website or ring 111 if worried they are deteriorating. Patients with other medically urgent problems should ring the surgery. All consultation requests will be triaged by telephone and we expect to handle many consultations this way too. The situation is changing day by day.


What about blood tests?


We intend to continue INR testing along with other essential blood tests, such as those required for drug monitoring. Some warfarin patients will be changed to an alternative treatment for their safety but this will be discussed with each individual patient at an appropriate time.


Will I have my annual check-up for asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure

etc ?


All of these routine face to face checks will be postponed until after the epidemic but we will try to do as much as we can by telephone


Can I still get my repeat prescription?


Yes, these will continue but we encourage patients to request repeats via their pharmacy (or online if you are registered).


My contraception/HRT/smear is due.


Please put in a request for contraceptive/HRT pills through your pharmacy.  In most cases, we will issue repeats without a face to face consultation to keep you going until after the epidemic. We have suspended coil fitting & removal clinics, implants and smear appointments. We may switch depo provera injections to an alternative method.


Is it safe to delay my B12 injection?


If you have been having regular B12 injections for some while, your body will have several years supply of Vitamin B12 stored, so it will be completely safe to delay your next injection for a few months. Also, most people on B12 injections can absorb enough by mouth in tablet form and B12 tablets can be bought over the counter.


What about immunisations?


We are aiming to continue immunisations for babies and young children. If we have stocks, we will also give flu and pneumococcal vaccines to those who are eligible, but we are suspending travel vaccines for now.


Can I see the midwife or Health Visitor?


The midwife will have informed patients which ante-natal checks are being carried out. The location of this service may change. The Health Visitors have suspended clinics and can be contacted on 02920 847790.


I need regular wound dressings


We are trying to keep these going but will be aiming to teach as many people as possible to dress their own wounds in case they have to self-isolate or we do not have nurses available.


I am asthmatic.


If you have been prescribed a preventative inhaler, make sure you take this regularly from now on, as having been on a preventer for several weeks beforehand will greatly reduce the risk of an asthma attack if you catch the virus.


Coronavirus Update - 19/03/2020

From Monday March 16th 2020 you will see big changes at the surgery. Please read the following very carefully and share amongst fellow patients.

First, please look at this video by Dr Andy Knox, which summarises the current advice as of 16/03/20.

  • If your symptoms are mild to moderate, YOU DO NOT need to phone 111 or the surgery.

  • If your symptoms worsen, then you should call 111.

We are not equipped to see patients with COVID in the surgery nor as a housecall, so if you have COVID and your symptoms are significant, you should phone 111 first.

In order to protect our patients and staff, we will be providing TELEPHONE CONSULTATIONS ONLY. We will no longer be proving online bookings or advanced appointments. Our Branch Surgery (67 Thornhill Road) is also now closed, with all appointments being dealt with via our main surgery (Excalibur Drive). 

We stress that we cannot see COVID patients (they will be managed via 111) we do not have the full COVID PPE protection equipment to see coronavirus infected patients.

Upon arrival at Excalibur Drive, there is a barrier to prevent patients entering the building. You will need to wait for a member of our reception team to acknowledge you and ask you a few questions before entry is granted. If you are deemed to be a risk you will not be granted entry and advice will be given on what course of action you can take next. This is to reduce the potential risk of spread to others. 


Only ONE person at a time will be allowed into any examination room (the exception being ONE parent accompanying a young child). If you have symptoms, you should not attend unannounced. We are trying to limit potential exposure to coronavirus for fellow patients and our staff/premises.

This is for your safety as well as our staff.

Before coming to the surgery, please make sure that you've washed your hands and you should wash your hands upon returning home.

If our staff and/or premises become infected with coronavirus then you will lose access to any affected staff and premises whilst quarantine restrictions are in place, so it is important that patients take note of this.

In due course, we may lose members of staff to illness or quarantine and if that happens, this plan may change to operate out of one building.


You can no longer book an appointment online.
We have moved to a telephone triage model of care to protect patients and reduce the impact of Coronavirus.

What does this mean?

You are no longer able to book an appointment without first having spoken to a Doctor or Nurse via the phone.
How do I get an appointment?

You must ring the surgery on 02920764444. You do not have to ring at 8 am as GPs will ring you back throughout the day. You must give an up to date contact number and be able to answer when we ring you.
A GP or a nurse will ring you back and speak to you and decide if you need to come to the surgery to be assessed or whether you can be treated over the phone. We will be dealing with as many problems as possible over the phone, only bringing patients to surgery for an examination when advised to do so.

This does not apply to existing clinic appointments such as INR, bloods, wound care etc that have been already booked at the moment, but they may need to be cancelled in the future. You will be contacted if this is the case.
If you have a pre-booked GP appointment you will be contacted by the surgery to arrange a telephone consultation. 


If you need to order a repeat prescription and you would normally come to the surgery to do so, please do not come to the surgery. There is letter box by the entrance of the surgery for you to drop your repeat prescription into. The "My Health Online" portal is a convenient way of doing this online which means you will not need to travel to the surgery at all (subject to being pre-registered for this service)

How do I collect my prescription?

If your prescription normally goes to a local pharmacy, it still will, so you will need to go there.

What if I normally come in to pick it up?

Please visit our main surgery and a member of our reception team will guide you to a window to collect your script to minimise contact. 

Contacting 111: 

We know that there can be a wait when phoning 111, so you can check with this online symptom checker first. Please note that the advice given may change as matters evolve.


Please note the following advice from public health Wales:

"If you have a concern about whether you have been affected by coronavirus (either through travel or if you have been in close contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus) do not go to a GP surgery, community pharmacy or hospital
Stay indoors and avoid close contact with other people. Call 111 (all Wales coronavirus service) to find out what to do next. Information and advice on coronavirus is also available on the 
Public Health Wales website. Please check the information on the website before you decide whether you need to dial 111"


If you feel unwell with a new continuous cough or high temperature/fever, the current advice is that yourself AND everybody in your household will need to self-isolate for 14 days. You don't need to contact us or 111 simply in order to do this. Most patients who contract coronavirus will be able to self care at home with plenty of rest WITHOUT needing to contact the surgery.


Community spirit!

This is the time for the community to pull together. We cannot get through this without your help. Have a think now about how you would manage if you developed the illness and have to self isolate. Think about your neighbours, particularly the elderly. Why not print out the following flyer and pop it through their door?

Everyone can help support the UK’s response by:

  • following public health authorities’ advice, for example on hand washing

  • reducing the impact and spread of misinformation by relying on information from trusted sources, such as that on, and

  • checking and following the latest FCO travel advice when travelling and planning to travel

  • ensuring you and your family’s vaccinations are up to date as this will help reduce the pressure on the NHS/HSCNI through reducing vaccine-preventable diseases

  • checking on elderly or vulnerable family, friends and neighbours 

  • using NHS 111 (or NHS 24 in Scotland or NHS Direct Wales) (including online, where possible), pharmacies and GPs responsibly, and go to the hospital only when you really need to. This is further explained on the NHS website  - and

  • being understanding of the pressures the health and social care systems may be under, and receptive to changes that may be needed to the provision of care to you and your family.

  • accepting that the advice for managing COVID-19 for most people will be self-isolation at home and simple over the counter medicines

  • checking for new advice as the situation changes.

If you're reading this, then you will already have access to the internet. Please make use of online information provided by the government and public health, to spare phonelines and staff time for genuinely urgent cases that cannot be dealt with any other way.

Finally, please bear with us. Please remember that all of our staff are putting themselves in harm's way under difficult circumstances to provide you with the best care that they can. Some of our staff have received verbal abuse for trying to direct patients to 111 according to protocol. We have also noticed that many patients are not adhering to basic rules of hygiene regarding covering their mouths when coughing and washing hands. This is very important.


We are very grateful to you for your assistance - North Cardiff Medical Centre.

Coronavirus and Pregnancy

There is a lot of mis-information on the internet and in the media with regards to the coronavirus which can be quite daunting for a mum to be. The NHS is constantly updating their information regarding this so that you can be kept informed and assured that the NHS is doing its absolute best to ensure both mum and baby are kept as health as possible. 

Please visit the following link for the most up to date information and guidance. 

My Health Online

Did you know that you can use a mobile phone, tablet or computer to book or cancel an appointment with your GP, or request a repeat prescription? All you need to do is sign up to use My Health Online services.
Just like online banking you can sign up for a range of online services from your GP. Although these will vary from practice to practice and will depend on what your practice is offering. 
Advantages of online services include:
  • No hanging on the phone, waiting to get through to the GP surgery
  • Convenient access to GP services from home or work — or anywhere with internet access
  • Reduced administration for the GP practice 

How do I get it?

You need to call into your GP practice or print of the document here to sign up. You will then need to drop the completed form into our main surgery (Excalibur Drive).  Your GP will issue you with a registration letter, you will need to have proof of identity on you to enable them to do this.

Access Standards 2019

Access Standards

Important Notice

Late arrivals

Given the demands on doctors' and nurses' time, we cannot guarantee you will be seen if you arrive beyond the appointed time.

If you are more than 10 minutes late for an appointment, you will be asked to re-book your appointment. This is to ensure we provide the best service possible and so that all patients get a fair opportunity to discuss their problems.

Think Physio 

The new service called “Think Physio” is now live and is for any patients are who are suffering from the following problems:


  • Soft tissue injuries

  • Arthritis

  • Joint pain

  • Ligament or muscle injury

  • Spinal pain

  • Sciatica

This service will provide availability of appointments with a physiotherapist within either North Cardiff Medical Centre or within a local partnered practice.

If you have any of the above listed issues then you may be offered an appointment with this service instead of with a GP. This is to help reduce patient waiting times and to provide a more specialist service for the listed ailments.

Emotional Wellbeing Service

Young People need help too!

There are many different factors which can impact on the Emotional Wellbeing of young people today. The Teenage years can be some of the most stressful of our lives with exam after exam, finding our own identity, finding where we fit in to society or even who has the most friends on social media to name a few!

These stressful times can really impact on an individuals mental health. We hear in the news about teenagers who have run away from home or hurt themselves in an attemp...t to deal with what is going on in their lives.

It doesn't have to be this way.

The Emotional Wellbeing service provides help and support for young people aged 10-18. They can support multiple issues such as Mental Health, Emotional Wellbeing, Drug and alcohol issues, self harm, Safer sex and healthy relationships.

As a young person you can contact this service yourself or a concerned parent or guardian can also get in touch with this service for help and support (for everyone living in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan).

Click the image at the top of this article or visit the link below for more information on what services are available and how the Emotional Wellbeing Service can support you (the young person) or your child.

Patient Notice

Zero Tolerance Policy

We would like to remind our patients and visitors that we operate a zero tolerance policy at North Cardiff Medical Centre.

Abuse, in its many forms, will not be tolerated and will result in necessary actions being taken.

We thank you for your support.



Choose Pharmacy

Do you need to see the doctor today?

You can now get FREE NHS ADVICE and FREE TREATMENT for a range of common ailments from our local community pharmacists without having to make an appointment with a GP.

The introduction of this service will increase the NHS appointments available to our patients.

In-Sync Pharmacy (Thornhill Rd) are now offering the Choose Pharmacy service Every day.

For more information and for the full list of conditions covered under this scheme, please visit:

In the news……GP Practice Receptionists

We were saddened to hear the recent news story about GP practice receptionists. It is a concern for everyone if some patients are at risk because they are put off asking for help because of questions asked by the reception team.
Like many practices, we’ve introduced initial screening questions when a patient calls for an appointment. This is to help match the patient to the right care and support from the right person. Our patients tell us how important it is to see their own GP and we try to ensure continuity as much as we can. Patients also tell us though that at times when their needs are urgent they do not mind which clinician they see.
Patients at the Medical Centre now have access to support from a GP, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Pharmacist and Primary Care Nurse for Older People who can help with many general queries.
Modern healthcare is increasingly complicated with a larger population, more complex patients with greater heath needs yet hardly any more doctors – a national problem. Resources are a problem with General Practice receiving only 9% of the NHS budget despite handling 90% of patient contacts but, as documented within the press, there is a national shortfall in doctors (especially GP’s) and nurses.
We’ve taken a bold and measured step in our extended healthcare team. From our practice nurses, healthcare assistants, to our nurse practitioners and our clinical pharmacist, we’ve opened up our practice to a broader range of people all of whom have different skills and areas of expertise. We try, via mechanisms including the Patient Participation Group to reassure our patients that they are in safe hands and celebrate the skills within this broad group of professionals. As a practice we’ve really been able to help patients in a completely different way through employing experts in for example medicines, women’s health and older person’s health. The Future NHS has changed forever, and for the better, with these allied health professionals.
Our patient advisors, or receptionists, are an important part of the team. They work hard not to block patients and the news will be upsetting to our team members who are fully committed to providing great care. We’ve entrusted them to ask questions when a patient calls to be your expert helper and to book you with the best person to see at the best time. The questions also help the clinical team to prioritise those urgent queries that come through on the day.
Even on a quiet day a duty doctor could have 50-60 calls to make ranging from a medication query to a cough or cold to an urgent home visit for a palliative care patient. That doctor has to make a judgement on which call to make first and the basic information that is captured by the patient advisor really does help them make a critical decision.
At any time a patient can refuse to share information. Our team are trained to gently explain why the questions are asked and not to force a patient to disclose something they don’t want to. Our patient advisors are also trained in the importance of data protection and that information that is shared with us is in utmost confidence. We are proud of our team who work hard everyday to help the hundreds of callers each day get booked with the right health care professional.
We are worried about the report and want to reassure patients about why questions are asked. We also want to share that we are proud of all of our team and the work we do to help manage tight resources and still provide excellent care. Many of the team will be worried as well. Please give them a smile and recognise the tough job they do. 


If you are under 25 and starting university for the first time,

you need to get the free MenACWY vaccine

from your GP as soon as possible.

It protects you and helps stop the spread to others.

Ideally first year students should arrange to get MenACWY from their GP at least 2 weeks before they go away to study. Any first year students not immunised before they start should get the vaccine by registering with their university health centre or other GP practice. 

Free shot


Change of Details

It is important that we hold the correct information for all of our patients so if you have moved house, changed your telephone number or your smoking status has changed, please update us using the link below.


Updating Contact Details

Yellow Fever Centre

We are a Yellow Fever centre for the immunisation of patients and non-patients who will be travelling to countries where Yellow Fever is a high risk.

Find out more


North Cardiff Medical Centre

The doctors and staff at North Cardiff Medical Centre are proud to offer the highest standard of patient-centred healthcare.  We are a progressive primary care organisation focused on providing high-quality services and care for our patients.

The practice is a general partnership comprising of seven GP partners. We work from two sites: Excalibur Drive and 67 Thornhill Road and are recognised as a leading Undergraduate 'Training practice' affiliated to the Wales College of Medicine Cardiff to provide undergraduate education.

We run many clinics for the management of chronic diseases such as asthma and diabetes and offer a wide variety of other medical services including antenatal and postnatal care, minor surgery, childhood vaccinations and well-person check-ups.

Do You Wear A Hearing Aid?

If the answer is YES, we have an induction loop system at our Excalibur Drive site and a portable system at Thornhill Road.  If you wish to utilise the portable facility, please advise when you telephone or attend reception.


Car Parking at Sainsbury's

We have an agreement with Sainsbury's that entitles our patients to park in the car park for the duration of their business with the practice.  Should you have any difficulty, please inform reception in the first instance. 

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