Private Services

Private Work Fees

North Cardiff Medical Centre provides several non NHS funded medical services. A fee will be charged for these services at a rate recommended at the British Medical Association. Below is an overview of the services we provide.

If you would like more information about any of these services please use the contact details associated with that particular service or ask reception for details.

Occupational Health Services

Insync Corporate Healthcare Ltd is a private service provided by Partners with a special interest and experience in this field. Services are available to both individuals and organisations and include:

  • Specialist Driving Medicals and Reports
  • Pre-employment Medicals
  • On-site Employee Health Checks
  • Sickness/Absence Management
  • Medical Surveillance and Drug Testing
  • Executive Screening
  • Medical and Biological Monitoring including Statutory Examinations, Lead, Ionising Radiation and Asbestos
  • Health Promotion and Education
  • COSHH Advice
  • Workplace Risk Assessment

For details on Occupational Health please visit the Insync Corporate Healthcare website or contact Jill Thomas:

Tel: 029 20761 550

Other Services

We are also able to provide the following services. A fee will be charged for these services, and will be payable in ADVANCE

  • Private Sick Certificates
  • Private Health Insurance Claim Forms
  • Holiday Cancellation Forms
  • Fitness to attend/travel/participate - sports/theatre/school
  • Copies of medical records - Full or Computerised
  • Private Medicals 

Please see our full list of private fees below:      

Private Fees.pdf

Yellow Fever Centre

We are a Yellow Fever centre for the immunisation of patients and non-patients who will be travelling to countries where Yellow Fever is a high risk.